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Bronze Vehicle Service

*Includes 5l of oil only, additional charged at £6.00 per litre. Speciality oils will carry a surcharge.


Silver Vehicle Service

*Includes 5l of oil only, additional charged at £6.00 per litre. Speciality oils will carry a surcharge.


Gold Vehicle Service

*Includes 5l of oil only, additional charged at £6.00 per litre. Speciality oils will carry a surcharge. Includes Fuel filter for Diesel or Spark plugs for Petrol. Vehicles with more than 4 spark plugs will be charged accordingly


16 Point Winter Safety Check

Stay safe on the road this winter when travelling with our 16 point Winter vehicle safety check, includes checking your Battery, tyres, brakes and more!

Was £39.95Now £0.00

Power Clean Fuel Injection Service

Allows direct cleaning of the fuel injectors, intake valves and the combustion chamber with a highly concentrated cleaning solution without the need to remove injectors or dismantle the engine.


Power Clean Diesel Turbo treatment

A treatment to clean turbine and variable geometry vanes of diesel turbochargers without dismantling. The treatment is injected directly into the combustion chamber to gain effective results.


Power Clean Air Intake Service

A special tool injects the strong cleaner directly in to the Air Intake to remove contamination from the inlet manifold and inlet valves without dismantling.


Power Clean Diesel Particulate Cleaning Service

Cleans and flushes out soot, ash and other contamination from blocked DPF's without the need to remove the DPF from the vehicle.


Oil and Filter Change

*Includes a FOC vehicle health check and includes 5l of oil only, additional charged at £6.00 per litre. Speciality oils will carry a surcharge.


EDT Engine cleaning service

Our machine carries out a unique engineering process which removes all the sludge, varnish and debris that builds up in the engine. Improving the engine’s coefficient of friction allows the new oil to perform to its maximum capabilities. This then has a positive impact on fuel economy, CO emissions, engine performance and drivability.We currently have experienced average emission reductions on cars tested of 69% on CO and 58% on diesel smoke, as of September 2015. Together with many testimonials on the enhanced performance and drivability after an Engine Decontamination Treatment (EDT) has been carried out.


Car Servicing Northampton

Regularly maintaining your vehicle is a must-do for any vehicle owner, but is often overlooked with detrimental effects. Regularly servicing of your vehicle helps to ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road and can also save you a lot of money as it is a proactive approach to limit effects of the inevitable wear and tear on your vehicle before it becomes a pricier problem. A thorough inspection of your vehicle could help to spot a problem before it takes effect, and in turn, could allow you to avoid a nasty future repair bill or even a potential breakdown.

If you choose to book your vehicle in for a service here with us at In Town Automotive, our BOSCH trained technicians will cast a keen expert eye over many aspects of your car or van and perform a thorough BOSCH check of the major components and provide you with the paperwork to take home. If your vehicle is new, we can also carry out servicing to meet any manufacturer's specifications without invalidating your warranty.

Our professionals here at In Town Automotive have a wealth of experience and expertise, allowing for quality car servicing in Northampton which you can trust. Offering multiple types of car servicing, you can be sure that we offer what you need. Our professional advisors are more than happy to help you with any questions and queries you have.

Contact us to speak to one of the professionals at In Town Automotive, or to book in for car servicing in Northampton.

Car Servicing Northampton

Does my car need servicing?

Unlike an MOT, a car service is not a legal requirement, however, it is highly advisable for you to invest in them every so often for safety and maintenance values. For some cars which only get used on a low mileage basis, they can go up to three years without being serviced, however for most cars it is a more regular necessity.

As a general rule of thumb, most cars need servicing every 12,000 miles, or every year, but for most cars, the manufacturer will state the time frame suitable between each service. New cars may be able to go up to three years without being serviced. If your car starts showing signs of needing to be serviced, it is highly important that you book car servicing in Northampton as soon as possible. Some people choose to book in for their car servicing in Northampton at the same time as their MOT test test as this is generally a convenient time.

It is highly important for your car to be serviced regularly to ensure its full safety on the road and that it is roadworthy. A car service is the most reliable way to ensure that everything is in full working order and that any slight issues are addressed before they get out of hand and cause any major problems. For example, low fluid or oil levels in your car could potentially cause the engine to wear and become damaged.

If you choose not to service your car, it is more likely that you will start to experience problems with your car, for example, dashboard lights may start coming on, you could start hearing strange noises or the car may generally just not run as smoothly as it should.

Modern cars are extremely complicated, and for this reason, it is highly important to get a trained mechanic to look over your vehicle. Trying to service your own vehicle could be dangerous, ineffective, or could even be expensive to fix in the case that it goes wrong.

You may also find that without servicing your car on the recommended basis, your vehicle insurance becomes invalid.

Benefits of servicing your car

Car Servicing Northampton

As well as the obvious benefit that your car is less likely to experience any major problems in the future caused by small issues got out of hand, there are numerous other benefits to having your car serviced.

A smoother running engine, increased fuel efficiency, more effective brakes and improved handling are just some of the perks you are likely to see when you get your car serviced regularly. On top of that, the car will be more reliable, as issues are not left to become problems, but are fixed at first sight.

Another major benefit to getting your car serviced regularly is that it is more likely to retain its value for when you sell it on. If your car has a full service history, it can add thousands on to the value of the car. This is because any potential buyers will be more likely to buy when they can see that the car has been well looked after, and are more likely to trust that it is a good choice of purchase.

What does a full car service include?

You may have taken your car for many services in the past, or you may be new to servicing your car; either way, many people are not entirely sure as to what car servicing in Northampton actually involves.

Here at In Town Automotive, we are reliable, trustworthy company and we know how important it is that you understand what your car servicing involves before you book in.

A car service is simply an all-round check-up to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. When your car is manufactured, the company create a schedule for services which they believe will keep the car in good working condition, ensuring it stays running safely and reliably.

Many of the checks which are included in an MOT test are also performed in your vehicle service, but that does not mean that your car’s service should be overlooked or skipped because it is vital for your car to be checked so that it is safe and roadworthy. This will give you peace of mind when driving and will ensure your own safety and the safety of others on the road.

During a car service, all the working parts of your car will be thoroughly checked. The mechanic will not only check the outside of the car, but also the inside and the inner workings to make sure that everything is working well and running smoothly. We will also warn you of any parts which are wearing out so that you are aware that they may need replacing soon.

Here at In Town Automotive, we offer the following options for your car servicing in Northamptonshire:

  • Air Conditioning RE-GAS
  • Bronze vehicle service
  • Silver vehicle service
  • Gold vehicle service

Here at In Town Automotive, we make the entire process of car servicing in Northampton as easy and hassle-free as possible for all our highly valued clients, by offering free pickups and drop offs along with your vehicle service.

If you are unsure as to which service you need for our vehicle, contact us us for a consultation from one of the professional advisors here at In Town Automotive on 01604 666 700.

Car MOT Northampton

Is a car service different from an MOT?

MOTs are full legally mandatory checks of your vehicle; however, this test is a visual check only, meaning that the examiner will not be able to take any parts of the car off or strip any components down; it is a basic test to make sure that the vehicle is safe to go on the road. Whereas, a service is a much more thorough look at your vehicle.

Unlike an MOT, during a service, the garage is allowed to remove components, look at components, take them apart and this allows them to get a much more thorough look at the workings of the car and the inside of the engine. From this, the garage will have a much better idea of what is working well and what isn’t and will get a good view of the condition of the engine and car itself.

Some people choose to book their cars in for a service at the same time as going for an MOT, because this saves hassle and time, and ensure that both are done on a yearly basis. However, another option is to book services and MOTs six months apart so that your car is getting checked on a more regular basis.

Why choose In Town Automotive?

When it’s time for your car to be serviced, it can be difficult to know which garage to trust with your vehicle, time and money. Your car servicing is a critical part of ensuring the safety of your car on the road for you and other road users; furthermore, a bad car servicing experience can be extremely costly, stressful and potentially dangerous.

At In Town Automotive, we have over 50 years’ worth of experience in providing car servicing in Northampton, as well as specialising in car parts, vehicle repairs, maintenance and all things motor. We are one of the largest independent garages in Northampton, and our long-standing sparkling reputation speaks for itself.

The professional mechanics here at In Town Automotive are passionate about vehicles and are committed to completing an excellent standard of work every time. Cars are what we love and do; nothing can stand in the way of us providing you with great car servicing in Northampton. Our highest priority is to make sure that we complete an excellent standard of service, very time, for all our clients.

Not only do we provide you with top quality car servicing in Northampton, but we also offer a quality experience. We offer a free drop off and collection service for our clients to ensure that the entire ordeal is as convenient as possible for our clients, and this, in turn, causes minimum disruption to your day.

However, if you do wish to wait for your vehicle, you will be more than comfortable in our customer area, which is kitted out with comfortable seating, refreshments, a television and a free Wi-Fi service.

Thanks to all our dependable, professional and friendly staff, our second-to-none, exceptional services, and the high quality of work we consistently achieve for our clients, we are known to be one of the best garages in the area, and we are constantly growing in demand and success.

If you are looking for a garage offering high-quality servicing, a friendly and professional, relaxed experience, trustworthy values and motivated, passionate staff at great rates, you are in the right place.

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Car MOT Northampton

If your vehicle is due for servicing or is showing signs of needing to be serviced, it is highly advisable to book your car in as soon as possible so that you don’t go for too long without the car being serviced.

If you are unsure as to what type of service you need to book in for, if you have any other questions or queries regarding car servicing in Northampton, or if you would like to book in for your vehicle to be serviced, contact us us for a consultation and to speak to a professional here at In Town Automotive.

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