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Clutch Repairs Northampton


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The number of clutches in a car depends on whether the car has manual transmission or automatic transmission. It is common knowledge that a manual transmission car has more than one clutch but many people will be surprised to know that cars having automatic transmission have a clutch as well.

Since most of the references regarding clutches are made in the context of a car we tend to believe that cars are the only machines that have clutches. Complicated machines often have clutches and if they happen to malfunction in your car, then you should consult the professionals at In Town Automotive about clutch repairs Northampton as it needs an expert to fix it.

Clutch Repairs Northampton

Clutch Repairs Northampton: What does the clutch do?

Devices containing two rotating shafts generally employ the use of a clutch. In such devices, a motor or a pulley is used to drive one of the shafts while the other shaft drives another device.

The presence of a clutch presents two possibilities, one that the two shafts are locked together and spin at the same speed and the other that the shafts are decoupled and spin at different speeds.

In a car the engine spins all the time while the wheels are not constantly moving and this makes it necessary to have a clutch. When the car has to be stopped without killing the engine some technique has to be employed in order to disconnect the wheels from the engine. By using a clutch a spinning engine is engaged to a non-spinning transmission. The slippage between these transmissions is controlled with the help of a clutch. If the transmissions are not controlled properly then it could be time to seek clutch repairs in Northampton.

In order to truly understand the working of a clutch, a basic understanding of the concept of friction is required. Friction, in simple terms, is the measure of how hard it is to slide a surface over another. Every surface, no matter how smooth, has peaks and valleys which define the amount of friction that the surface is likely to encounter when it is brought in touch with another surface. Extremely smooth surfaces may have microscopic peaks and valleys while rough surfaces have larger peaks and valleys.

The friction between a flywheel and a clutch plate is what makes the clutch work.

Fly Wheels, Clutch Plates and Friction

Replacement Car Clutch

The clutch that is used in a car has a flywheel connected to the engine while the clutch plate is connected to the transmission.

  • Exploded view of a clutch - The springs push the pressure plate against the clutch disc when the foot is off the pedal and this in turn presses against the flywheel. In this way the engine gets locked to the transmission input shaft and they begin to spin at the same speed. The friction between the flywheel and clutch plate decides the amount of force that the clutch can hold and this in turn decides the amount of force being exerted by the spring on the pressure plate. When the clutch is unable to hold the pressure then you should consult In Town Automotive as we provide an expert clutch repairs service.
  • Engagement and release of a clutch - Upon pressing the clutch pedal, a hydraulic piston or cable pushes on the release fork and the throw-out bearing is pressed against the middle of a diaphragm spring. This causes the middle of the diaphragm to get pushed in. Near the outside of the spring there is a series of pins that cause the spring to pull the pressure plate away from the clutch disc.

Common Problems associated with the clutch

Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Repair

The reliability of cars has improved and the average life of a clutch was somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 miles. More modern clutches now can last comfortably for more than 80,000 miles provided they are used gently and maintained properly. However, if they are not maintained properly then they might begin to break down at 35,000 miles or sometimes less. At In Town Automotive we see plenty of people using our clutch repairs Northampton services due to improper handling; we not only repair clutches but we guide our customers on the best way to maintain and run their car for longer.

Another major problem associated with clutches is that the friction material on the disc begins to wear out. This friction material is similar to that found on brake pads or the shoes of a drum brake. They both have a tendency to get worn out as their usage increases. When this material is no longer worthy of creating friction the clutch may start to slip away and eventually it will be incapable of transferring power from the engine to the wheels

The wearing of the clutch occurs mostly when the flywheel and the clutch disc are spinning at different speeds. They can only spin in sync when they are locked together and the friction material is held tightly against the flywheel. Hence the type of drivers who slip the clutch more often will wear it out a lot faster and will need clutch repairs Northampton service sooner than those who handle their vehicle in a better way.

When the clutch is not released properly it continues to turn the input shaft and the problem may also be due to sticking and not slipping. This can lead to grinding or your car not going into gear. The common reasons behind a clutch sticking are:

  • Broken clutch cable - When the clutch cable is broken or stretched it cannot hold the right amount of tension that is required to push and pull effectively.
  • Defective slave and master clutch cylinder - Due to leaks, the cylinders are not able to build up the necessary pressure.
  • Air enters the hydraulic line - Fluids need space to build pressure and in the presence of air they are unable to build this pressure. Removing air from the hydraulic line can be quite complicated and for this you should consider hiring clutch repairs specialists.
  • Misaligned linkage - If the linkage is misaligned then it can transmit the wrong amount of force.
  • Components of clutch are mismatched - It is possible that the aftermarket parts may not fit together properly leading to a malfunctioning clutch system.
  • Hard Clutch - Clutches need the right amount of space and force in order to depress fully. Hence you should know that there is something wrong with the clutch if you have to press hard on the pedal. The common causes of this can be the cable, pedal linkage, pivot ball or cross shaft. This can also be caused due to a blockage in the hydraulic system. If you have experienced any of the above problems then it may be possible that you need clutch repairs Northampton services.

The weight carried by a vehicle also has an impact on the functioning of a clutch. Due to this reason the trucks and other vehicles that carry more weight have problems even with new clutches.

Another common problem with clutches is the wearing out of the throw-out bearing that is also known as a clutch release bearing. It releases the clutch by applying force to the fingers of the spinning pressure plate. A rumbling sound heard while engaging the clutch is an indication that you have a problem with the throw out.

How to know when you need Clutch Repairs Services?

Needless to say, a clutch is an extremely essential and complex part of a car from the engineering perspective.

There are a number of difficulties that can be faced when the clutch is not working properly. Using it excessively can lead to wearing out of the clutch that can hamper the functioning of the car. Hence to make sure that the car is performing at its maximum capacity it is important to ensure that the clutch is functioning exactly how it should and in case it isn’t you should consult clutch repairs specialists in Northampton.

Few of the most common methods that can be employed to test the efficiency of a clutch and get a clear understanding of whether it needs to be replaced are:

  • Experiencing difficulties in shifting gears - The minute you experience difficulties in shifting gears you should understand that the clutch is not working properly. Shifting gears should happen easily without any difficulty. Hence the best way to know if there is an issue with the clutch is understanding the ease with which you are shifting gears.

    Through general observation we know that problems surface when shifting into the first and rear gears. Therefore, if you are experiencing difficulty shifting into these gears then take it as an indication that something is wrong.
  • Noise - Upon starting your car if you hear a rumbling sound then you should know that something is wrong with the clutch of your car. At this time you should press in the clutch and shift into a gear, if the noise increases upon release of clutch then you may have spotted a problem. If the problem with the clutch has worsened then you may hear the rattling sound during the entire time you are driving the vehicle. If it has come to this stage then you may need to find experts that provide clutch repairs services as soon as possible.
  • Burning Smell - There is probably nothing more alarming than the smell of something burning.

    It is common to mistake the burning smell of clutch with the burning smell that comes from the tyres. The way to differentiate between the smells is to pay attention when the smell is more prominent. If the smell is being emitted when you are accelerating the car then it may be coming from the tyres, however when you smell it while shifting gears then it is time you take the assistance of In Town Automotive as we specialise in clutch repairs Northampton services.

    As explained earlier a clutch has a flywheel and a clutch plate and when the clutch has been used for a long time there is a possibility that they begin to rub against each other. When gears are shifted this burning smell may become more prominent since friction increases as the situation becomes worse.
  • A spongy feel - Amongst all methods this is the easiest way to check the status of a clutch. If you experience a spongy feeling when you press and release a clutch then there may be problems with a clutch. Another way to know that your clutch is facing problems is when the gear clicks only after you have released half clutch. This is an early indication which can save you a trip to the garage if you only wish to get your clutch checked for problems and not get other clutch repairs services.
  • Check for damages - If you notice any visible damages on the clutch or clutch plate then it needs to be replaced. If the outer plate has black dust then it should be removed in order to check whether the inner plate is intact or not.

Why Choose In Town Automotive for Clutch Repairs Northampton?

Clutch Replacement
Expert Technicians
Trained Directly From SACHS
Free Courtesy Car
Guaranteed Low Prices
Free Vehicle Recovery
Finance Options Available

Our Northampton base has been a long time ProTech Plus member and we are an official fitting centre for LUK. We have harnessed these plaudits and expert knowledge, to provide a full and comprehensive clutch and dual mass flywheel repair service for any vehicle.

With the training that our staff have been given from clutch manufacturer SACHS, they’re fully trained in the repair or replacement of self-adjusting clutches and DSG gearboxes, which can be found in the most common cars, such as: Volkswagens, Skodas, Audis and Fords.

We know that your life doesn’t stop, just because your car does, so we offer you a courtesy car absolutely free of charge, so you can continue day-to-day. We can offer a free recovery assistance service, if you’re unable to get to us under your own steam.

More often than not Clutch and flywheel repair, can be a costly business. In Town Automotive, are pleased to offer our services and expertly trained technicians, for very affordable prices and flexible finance options, so we can get you back on the road in no time.

The clutch is one of the most important parts of a vehicle and care should be taken to ensure that it is in the right condition. This makes clutch repairs services extremely vital to the functioning of a vehicle. Checking your clutch for damage and getting it repaired can keep you and your vehicle safe from accidents.

Contact us now for more information about our clutch services.

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