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Finance On Servicing, Tyres, Repairs and More


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0% APR on bills of £1000 or more
Finance available on all repairs

Are you in dire need of getting your car repaired but simply do not have the required finances?

If you let your car’s problems drag on, it may worsen the existing condition and before you know it the bills can pile up.

If you aren’t too sure about arranging the required finances to get your car fixed and back on the road, look no further than In Town Automotive!

It is not rocket science that having something saved up for a rainy day is a smart move. But, at times situations crop up where we can absolutely do with some help.

Isn’t it annoying to hear someone say “you should have got it checked earlier” after your car breaks down? Fortunately, In Town Automotive is the answer to finance for car repairs, servicing, tyres and much more.

Finance Option for Your Car Repairs

In Town Automotive specialises in helping people get the best rates for car repair finances for those in need of getting their tyres replaced, repairs or annual servicing.

In Town Automotive offers the widest range of unsecured car repair loans that is specifically tailored to cater to your needs. You can repay these loans in instalments spread over 1-12 months and in the meantime get your finances back on track.

An added benefit: If your bill is £1000 or over, you may qualify for 0% finance!

The average cost of a basic car service sums up to £125 and add to that other mandatory repairs, your bill is likely to shoot up. In order to keep your car in top condition, it is recommended that you service it every year.

Finance for Car Servicing

Regular car servicing is by far the simplest and most efficient way to ensure better reliability of your car. A good service record can assist in maintaining the resale value of your car and cut down the operating costs and ensures that your engine operates well while also preventing any potential future damage. Car servicing also comprises of MOT which has to be given undivided attention as it determines the roadworthiness of your car. To learn more, schedule your appointment with In Town Automotive.

Finance for Tyres of Your Car

Driving your car can become a particularly unsafe experience if the tyres are either under-pressurised, over-pressurised or damaged. This can increase the chances of road accidents. Incorrect tyre pressure can jeopardise car handling, decrease braking performance and reduce the grip.

You can opt to replace the tyres of your car if they have worn out. This of course cannot be put off for extended periods as you cannot drive around in an unsafe vehicle and it can even become illegal. Do not have the necessary funds? Head to In Town Automotive and opt for our finance options.

Finance on Servicing, Tyres, Repairs and More and Save Money

Car servicing year after year and adding to it the maintenance costs that crop up in between, leads to a sizeable outlay. Car issues that are addressed early on are easier to fix giving your car a better resale value and a longer life.

A car that is well-maintained is more efficient and saves money on fuel in the long run. All these aspects point to the fact that you must get your car serviced, tyres changed and repairs done if the need arises without fretting over the finances.

So, do not put off the repairs that can be done today.

Contact us today and get your car scheduled for an appointment.

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