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Modern cars have many sensors to monitor the behaviour of your vehicle, when something goes wrong the vehicle will let you know with a warning light but these lights can all mean different things. It’s important to know what your vehicle is trying to tell you in order to prevent a breakdown and to stay safe on the road, We have listed some of the common lights you may see below, if you do why not book in online and let us check it for you!

It’s important that you always know what your vehicle is trying to tell you, so you can prevent any breakdowns and stay safe on the road. Below, we have listed some of the common lights that you may come across when driving. If you do see one of these, why not book in with us online and let us check it out!

Engine Management Light

Battery Light

Brake warning light

Oil pressure light

ABS warning Light

Brake warning light

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A diagnostic test helps to identify the reason for any possible mechanical issue that has illuminated the check engine light. At In Town Automotive, we use a modern diagnostic check to figure out the problem.

While we also provide free visual checks, having a diagnostic check on your vehicle is a guaranteed way to figure out the source of the problem.

Failure to diagnose the issue will not only take up your time but may also be a lot more expensive. Because of this, we highly recommend taking a vehicle engine diagnostic test, as they’re affordable and can be very beneficial.

After we identify the result from the diagnostic test, we can provide you with the repairs you’ll need to get your vehicle fixed. This also ensures that your vehicle doesn’t face any additional damage that could lead to a costly repair down the line.

You can book your appointment for an auto diagnostic at our garage in Northampton online now!

Our diagnostic checks explore your vehicle’s most important components. Firstly, they figure out any issues you may have with your car or van's engine. Then, they check out the condition of your exhaust, brakes, and other crucial parts of your vehicle.

On top of that, we can take a look at the factors that affect your vehicle’s performance, like the throttle and fuel injectors. It should be noted that while the diagnostic checker can find faulty parts, it may not explain the root cause of the check engine light.

Therefore, you need to leave this check in the hands of reliable technicians from In Town Automotive. They have years of experience and, with the analysis made by the diagnostic check, they can properly diagnose the issue.

While it’s common practice to only get a diagnostic test after seeing the check engine light, you shouldn’t avoid it. Instead, it’s recommended to get a car diagnostic test at least once a year, to discover any hidden problems that can’t be seen or heard before they become bigger issues.

However, if any warning indicators light up on the dashboard or if you hear any strange noises coming from your vehicle, you should do a diagnostic test immediately. This prevents any major problems from taking place in your car, making sure that you can ride safely without worrying.

For a thorough diagnostic check, we recommend an experienced garage like In Town Automotive. We guarantee accurate information and only suggest repairs that you need.

At In Town Automotive, we are an award-winning garage filled with experienced technicians that have diagnosing vehicles for many years. Additionally, we use modern diagnostic checkers that conduct in-depth scans to identify any potential problems with the components of your vehicle.

These car diagnostic tools help us to quickly and accurately identify the source of the problem in your vehicle.

If we find any issues with your vehicle, we’ll provide you with fixes to ensure that you can get back on the road in no time!

To book your appointment, you can request a callback by filling out the form below or call us now at 01604 666 700.

Yes, the warning lights can mean various things; even if your vehicle is driving fine it is always best to have it checked.

NO, the light may be related to something minor and easily resolved however driving it without attention might cause more damage that could potentially be very costly to repair.

Some lights on your dash may need to be scanned with our Bosch diagnostic equipment however some lights can be looked in to with a Free battery or Brake check.

Yes, provided we have capacity at the time, we will always try and get you booked in for a check as quickly as possible.

Yes, we offer a split payment option with no credit checks, no interest and no fees.

We may be able to offer you a courtesy vehicle, get in touch for more details!
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