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Power clean diesel particulate cleaning service in Northampton

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All-in-One Carbon Cleaning

Forté Power-Clean allows direct cleaning of a vehicle’s problem area with new specially formulated treatments, gaining effective results and saving drivers time and money.

Forté DPF Cleaning

Cleans and flushes out soot, ash and other contamination from blocked DPFs, restoring their original operation without the need to remove the DPF from the vehicle.

Forté Air Intake Cleaning

A special tool injects the strong cleaner directly into the air-intake to remove contamination from the inlet manifold and inlet valves without dismantling (also highly effective on EGR Valves depending on location).

Forté Diesel Turbo Cleaning

A highly effective treatment to clean turbine and variable geometry vanes of diesel turbochargers without dismantling. The treatment is injected directly into the combustion chamber to gain effective results.

Forté Fuel Injection Cleaning

Allows direct cleaning of the fuel injectors, intake valves (indirect injection) and the combustion chamber with a highly concentrated cleaning solution without the need to remove injectors or dismantle the engine.

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Can a Powerclean effect my fuel economy?
Yes, a powerclean for your vehicle can maximise your fuel economy and restore your vehicles performance
How do I know if my DPF is blocked
You may have a light or warning on your dash or your vehicle may be in limp mode
Will I have to replace any parts?
No, the Powerclean DPF clean can flush out soot without having to remove the DPF from the vehicle
Can I finance a Powerclean?
Yes, if you book your Powerclean in with a service you can split any bill between £250 to £1000 with no credit checks interest and fees.
Can I wait whilst my Powerclean is done?
You can indeed!
Can this only be done on certain vehicles?
No, the Powerclean can be done on most vehicles, call us now for more information
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