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Northampton’s Award-Winning MOT Garage

Fully accredited and able to provide DVSA class 4 MOT tests for cars, if you’re based in Northampton – why go anywhere else for your MOT? Award-winning with state of the art facilities, get your car MOT’d without breaking the bank.

On top of that, we provide MOTs for only £39.95, meaning if you’re looking for a “cheap MOT and service near me”, you’ll likely find us. However, even though we provide great prices, we don’t compromise on quality.

Our technicians have years of experience in the industry to provide everything you need for a smooth MOT test. With our experience and commitment towards providing an industry leading service, we’ve developed a reputation for being the best MOT test centre in Northampton.

Not only that, there are more reasons why you should get your test done at our Northampton MOT centre:

Ensures Safety

The main objective behind an MOT test is to ensure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety requirements. In other words, with our MOT testing services, we can ensure your vehicle meets road safety standards.

Our technicians will carry out extensive inspections of your vehicle and look for any issues with it. If they find any issues, we suggest appropriate fixes, which we aim to carry out as quickly as possible, on site, at our Northampton garage.

After passing your MOT test, we’ll provide a full report, meaning your vehicle is safe to drive, with no outstanding issues. It allows you to drive with peace of mind knowing that you’re keeping yourself and others on the road safe.

Legal Requirement

In the UK, it’s a legal compulsion to get an MOT test done every year. At In Town Automotive, you receive a certificate after your car has passed at our Northampton MOT centre.

It’s important to keep up with your MOT, as not having a valid MOT certificate could lead to fines or penalties, as well as insurance issues.

The technicians at In Town Automotive ensure that your vehicle meets all the necessary legal requirements during our tests.

At In Town Automotive, we’re committed to keeping you on the road, safely and legally.

Value for Money

If you’re looking to get the most value for your money, our Northampton “in and out” MOT is the best choice for you. Highly competitive, our MOT is just £30.

However, lower prices don’t mean poor service. Our technicians are well-trained and can ensure that your vehicle is checked extensively. An MOT is important to ensure any underlying car issues are spotted early, ensuring you avoid any costly repairs down the road.

Our garage is well-equipped to deal with any issues with your vehicle, and we work towards getting your car back on the road as quickly as possible. You can check the types of MOT tests to learn more about what we provide with our services.

You can also call us at 01604 666 700 today for any enquires!

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Why does my car need an MOT test?
If your vehicle is over 3 years old, in addition to the obvious safety aspects, if you do not have a valid MOT certificate you cannot drive your car lawfully on the road and you won’t be able to renew your car tax.
What is involved in an MOT test?
An MOT involves dozens of checks on your car, ranging from the brakes and fuel system to lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen wipers and exhaust system.
What happens if my car fails its MOT test?
On 20 May 2018, the MOT categories for fails and passes changed. If your car has a dangerous fault, you won’t be able to drive it away. If you do wish to take your vehicle elsewhere you should have it towed. If your car has a major fault, you may be able to drive it away if it is still roadworthy and your previous MOT has not expired. If you drive a vehicle without an MOT or with dangerous faults you can be fined up to £2,500 or receive points on your license.
How do I prepare my vehicle for an MOT test?
Make sure your screen wash is topped up, check your bulbs are working and the car is clean with the lamps, mirrors and registration plates visible. Make sure nothing is blocking the driver’s view and that there are no warning lights on the dash. If in doubt give us a call.
Can I finance my MOT repairs?
Yes, you can split any bill between £250 to £1,000 with no credit checks, no interest and no fees.
Can I wait whilst getting my MOT done?
Yes, we have a clean and comfortable waiting area for our customers, with complimentary refreshments and magazines if you wish to wait while we work on your car.
Do I need to pay for an MOT retest?

Included in our Bronze MOT test package is: MOT Test £10.00 retest fee within 10 working days*. However, our Silver and Gold class packages include FREE retests.

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