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Air-Con Servicing in Northampton

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Air-Con Servicing

A/C systems can be unpredictable and will typically encounter problems over time. To keep it running efficiently, ensure regular servicing by professionals like ourselves. Avoid a huge repair bill with In Town Automotive’s air con servicing.

How often should you get your vehicle Air-Con serviced?

To keep your vehicle’s air conditioning in the best shape, we’d recommend a yearly service or at least every other year. However, you may need it done sooner – here are some signs that you need an air conditioning service as soon as possible:

Foul Odour Coming Out of the Vents

If you can smell an unpleasant odour coming out of your vents, then it’s time to book an appointment for an air-con car service. A bad smell from your air conditioner can mean a leak or that your pollen filter needs replacing.

A bad odour could also mean that mould has built up in the vents and needs cleaning. We recommend booking an appointment for our air conditioning service, allowing us to identify the problem and solve it for you quickly.

Weak Airflow or Warm Air

If your air conditioning isn’t performing or worse, putting out warm air, you need to book it for servicing as soon as possible. It could be that something is leaking or that it isn’t working properly. This prevents the smooth flow of air into the evaporator.

When you bring your car to us for air con repair, we will replace the parts needed to get your air conditioner back to normal again. We will also assure you that you won’t have to pay for any additional repairs unless they’re absolutely necessary.

Car Air Con Runs Out of Gas

Another reason for warm air could be that your air conditioner has run out of gas. In such cases, you’ll need to visit us for an air con gas refill.

We provide air con regas services that involve removing the existing refrigerant and replacing it with a brand-new one. This ensures that you can keep your vehicle fresh and cool with your air conditioning.

When to book your vehicle’s Air Conditioning Service?

It’s no secret that summer is our busiest time of year for A/C work. With that in mind, we’d recommend beating the crowds and booking your service ahead of time, to make sure we’ve got room.

Even if you’re not planning on using it right away, once the warmer weather comes, you’ll be grateful that you had your service ahead of time.

Why you need an Air Con Service

Even minor issues can present major problems with your air-con system. A full repair or replacement can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming, with components being difficult to reach and taking days to fix, if not addressed quickly.

As part of your service, we’ll check your pollen filters – responsible for removing harmful particles, dust and fumes.

Air Con Gas Refill and Servicing

With a specialist Northampton team of technicians, In Town Automotive are on hand to top up your air con gas, whenever needed. With years of combined experience, we can safely, quickly and affordably refill your air con gas to ensure your vehicle stays cool.

Contact In Town Automotive for Air Con Servicing, Now!

It’s time to get the best air con services for your car at In Town Automotive’s award-winning Northampton garage. With a team of experienced technicians, air con servicing and regassing is routine for us.

Book your appointment with the garage today for your vehicle’s air con service.

Online appointments should be booked at least one day in advance. If you need your car or van’s air con serviced, regassed or repaired; call us on 01604 666 700!

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What is an an Air-Conditioning Regas?
Air-Con Regassing removes the old refrigerant from your AC system and replaces it with new refrigerant so that your air-con will run cold again.
Why do I need an Air-Conditioning Regas?
Over time your vehicle will naturally lose gas, meaning the system won’t be as effective as it used to be.
How often should I book an AC Regas?
Instead of waiting until your Air-Con stops working, vehicle manufacturers recommend you should regas your system every two years anyway.
Is there anything else I need?
To keep the system efficient you should also regularly replace your vehicles Cabin Filter. This can also help with hayfever and allergy sufferers as it traps dust and pollen before it makes its way into the vehicle, we can check the condition of this too.
The Air-Con doesn't work at all, will a Regas fix this?
This depends on the problem; an Air-Con service can identify a leak or a bigger problem that a simple regas will not fix, we can repair those issues here too!
Can I finance the cost of my repairs?
Yes you can split any bill between £250 to £1000 with no credit checks, no interest and no fees.
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