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Fix Now Pay Later

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Fix Now Pay Later

  • 0% Interest

  • No credit checks

  • Instant decision

  • 99% Acceptance rate

  • Up to £1000

Fix Now, Pay Later!

  • No Fee, Interest Free Car Repair Financing
  • Payable over 3 months
  • No Credit Checks
  • Eligible on repairs from £250-£1,000
  • Just 25% deposit

At In Town Automotive, we’re committed to providing cost effective car repairs for our customers. That said, car repairs can be expensive, and we understand it’s not always possible to pay for repairs all in one go. However, if your vehicle has issues that need addressing, you shouldn’t ignore it.

In order to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible, safely, In Town Automotive offer a fix now, pay later option, where you can get your car repaired with a deposit of only 25% of the fees. After that, the remaining costs are financed in installments, ensuring you have enough time to collect money to pay for these repairs.

If you spend between £250 – £1000 with us you can pay just a QUARTER on the day and spread the remaining balance over the following 3 months with interest free payments and NO Fees!

There are no credit checks or long winded forms to fill in and all you need to take advantage of it is to have a debit card registered to yourself with enough to cover the first payment!

For more information please speak to our team on 01604 666 700!

How Does a Fix Now, Pay Later Plan Benefit You?

By choosing our car repair payment plans, you ensure that your car is fixed and ready to use. This becomes even more important if the repairs are necessary to get you back on the road, or causing issues whilst driving.


A fix now pay later plan provides you with more flexibility around how you pay for your car repair. Instead of paying a lump sum amount, you can pay for car repairs in installments. This allows you to spread out the cost for a longer period of time.


Our fix now pay later plan could be more convenient for you than having to paying for repairs all together. It ensures that your car is fixed right away and you don’t have to worry about paying all the money immediately. Paying monthly for car repairs ensures you don’t have to worry about losing a massive sum of money at once.


A fix now pay later plan can help you with budgeting allowing you to spread car repair costs over a longer period. Our plans help to break down the costs into smaller payments, making it easier for you to plan and budget for the expenses.

Peace of Mind

With a fix now pay later plan, you have peace of mind, allowing you to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. It ensures you can drive your repaired car without worrying about the immediate financial burden.

If you need your car repaired in Northampton and are looking for “best car repair payment plan near me”, we’re the perfect garage for you. Our technicians have years of experience conducting repairs with your car. With our expertise and our car repair finance options, you can visit our award-winning garage without worries.

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Can I use this for any purchase?
Yes, providing your bill is between £250 and £1,000 you can use this service.
Will I be credit checked?
No, because this is only available for bills up to £1000 there are no credit checks required.
Will I be charged interest on top of the repair cost?
No, our Fix Now Pay Later offer has a fixed interest rate of 0.0%!
Will there be any fees to pay for using this service?
No, there are no additional or hidden fees with using our Fix Now Pay Later offer.
What do I need to set it up?
You will just need a debit card with enough to cover the first payment on the day.
Does it take long to apply for your Fix Now Pay Later offer?
No, we can set you up on site in less than 5 minutes or we can send a link directly to your phone or email so that you can complete the super simple process in your own time.
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