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Electric Vehicle Services and Repairs in Northampton

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Electric Vehicle Services and Repair

Electrical vehicles have gained massive popularity in recent years as we become ever more environmentally conscious, and if you own one, it’s crucial to maintain it properly. It can help increase your car’s lifespan and ensure it is working efficiently, and at peak performance whilst on the road.

Since your electric vehicle is loaded with cutting-edge technology, you need to ensure that each component is working well. If you’re looking for the best electric car repair and servicing, In Town Automotive, based in Northampton is here to help!

We have a team of electric car mechanics who have many years of experience in servicing and repairing for our award-winning garage. It doesn’t matter if you want an emergency repair or a routine check for your electric vehicle, we’re here to help!

However, if you’re looking for repairs or servicing for a petrol or diesel vehicle, you can find that here.

What’s Included in An Electric Car Service?

The servicing of electric vehicles is similar to petrol and diesel cars. If you’re looking for a complete electric vehicle service, our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection.

We will check the condition of your tyres, wheel alignment, brakes, and other components specific to your electric vehicle. Here are some checks we conduct for electric vehicles specifically:

  • Inspect charging points and charging cables on your vehicle. Any potential damage could reduce the charging speed or stop it completely.
  • Checking the condition of high-voltage cables, as they could lead to electrical hazards or issues with charging.
  • Inspection of the inverted coolant levels to ensure it regulates the temperature of the engine and motor.
  • Usage of a diagnostic machine to gain and analyse more complex performance data of your electric vehicle.

After that, we’ll recommend any repairs to get your EV back to top-tier condition. Due to differences in technology, servicing for electric vehicles is typically more straightforward than service for traditional vehicles. This is because they have fewer parts that you need to service.

How Often Do I Need to Service My Electric Vehicle?

The range for servicing electric vehicles can be anywhere between 10,000 miles and 30,000 miles. The frequency of servicing on electric vehicles depends on the model and how much you use it. That said, we recommend a yearly service.

EVs may require servicing less frequently compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. This is because the engine doesn’t face as much heat compared to a combustion engine. Additionally, it’s crucial to get your servicing done at a reliable and accredited garage like In Town Automotive.

It ensures that you won’t have to deal with frequent repairs while improving the efficiency of your electric vehicle. It’s also ideal to take your electric car for servicing if you’re looking to take it for a long road trip.

If you notice something wrong with your electric vehicle, it’s recommended to bring it to In Town Automotive’s Northampton electric vehicle garage for repair immediately. We can ensure the problem is fixed before it’s too late. It could not only save unnecessary costs but also improve the lifespan of your vehicle.

Why Choose In Town Automotive for Electric Vehicle Repair?

Even though EVs aren’t as mechanically complicated, their systems contain high voltage and can be dangerous if not conducted by trained professionals. That’s why we recommend leaving the repairs and servicing in the hands of the electric car mechanics at In Town Automotive.

Our staff are well-trained to repair and service all UK EV models. They don’t only have the mechanical knowledge but are also provided with the best equipment and protective kit to repair or service your electric vehicle.

Additionally, our award-winning garage is widely renowned in Northampton with thousands of satisfied customers. We assure you that you’ll receive the best service by booking an appointment at In Town Automotive.

If you aren’t confident, we also provide a 12-month warranty after you service your EV at our garage. Now, it’s time to get your repairs and servicing done at In Town Automotive!

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What is an an Air-Conditioning Regas?
Air-Con Regassing removes the old refrigerant from your AC system and replaces it with new refrigerant so that your air-con will run cold again.
Why do I need an Air-Conditioning Regas?
Over time your vehicle will naturally lose gas, meaning the system won’t be as effective as it used to be.
How often should I book an AC Regas?
Instead of waiting until your Air-Con stops working, vehicle manufacturers recommend you should regas your system every two years anyway.
Is there anything else I need?
To keep the system efficient you should also regularly replace your vehicles Cabin Filter. This can also help with hayfever and allergy sufferers as it traps dust and pollen before it makes its way into the vehicle, we can check the condition of this too.
The Air-Con doesn't work at all, will a Regas fix this?
This depends on the problem; an Air-Con service can identify a leak or a bigger problem that a simple regas will not fix, we can repair those issues here too!
Can I finance the cost of my repairs?
Yes you can split any bill between £250 to £1000 with no credit checks, no interest and no fees.
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