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Car Electrical Issues To Be Aware Of

A car’s electrical system plays a vital role in how well it runs. 

A flickering headlight, a faulty car battery or an engine that refuses to start are all signs that something is amiss within your car’s electrical system. Yet, dealing with car electrical issues can be very intimidating and leave you wondering where to begin. 

To ensure that your car is functioning safely and reliably, you will need to address any electrical problems as quickly as you can. However, the first step to solving any of these issues is understanding them.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at some common car electrical issues to help you better maintain your car’s performance. 

Let’s begin!

1) Flat Battery

The battery is the heart of your car’s electrical system. As such, if it’s damaged in any way, your car will not be able to function. 

A flat battery is a common problem that can be caused by various factors. For example, leaving the lights on or stereo playing, a faulty alternator or even just an old battery just reaching the end of its lifespan. 

As far as car issues go, a flat battery is a concerning one. If your battery isn’t able to hold a charge, it could prevent your car from starting or leave you stranded when you least expect it.

At times, you may be able to jump-start your car battery back to life. However, if that doesn’t work, you may need to take it to a professional and get it replaced entirely.

2) Malfunctioning Alternator 

The alternator is a vital component of your car that is just as essential as your car battery. An alternator converts mechanical energy from the engine into electric energy that is used to power your lights, sound system and other car electronics. 

If you have a malfunctioning alternator, you may experience a variety of car electrical issues. These include flickering lights, a flat battery or a stalled engine. Typically, alternators have many wearing parts that are under constant strain. As such, they can give out over time.

If your alternator is not working properly, it may need to be replaced. Replacing an alternator requires a lot of technical expertise and skill to manage the high-voltage electrical systems involved. 

As such, if you suspect a malfunctioning alternator, we recommend you have it checked out by a professional car servicing garage, like In Town Automotive

3) Damaged Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are the car part that ignites the fuel in your car’s engine. If your spark plugs are damaged or not working properly, it could decrease power and fuel efficiency. This may cause your engine to misfire and lead to increased fuel consumption and poor car performance.

Fortunately, damaged spark plugs can be replaced at home if you are well-versed in car maintenance. However, if you are uncomfortable doing the exchange yourself, a professional mechanic can take care of it.

4) Blown Fuses

signs of electrical issues in car, close-up shot of mechanic inspecting fuse box

Fuses are a critical part of your car’s electrical system. They protect it by melting and breaking the current flow if too much electricity flows through them. By doing so, fuses help prevent other electrical problems and minimise the risk of electrical fires. 

If you do blow a fuse, you can easily replace it yourself. Use your owner’s manual to locate the fuse box and to identify the correct replacement fuse. Then, make the exchange. Always ensure you use a fuse that’s the same amperage as the one you’ve blown and you’re good to go. 

5) Malfunctioning Ignition Coils

Ignition coils are responsible for providing electricity to the spark plugs. Engine heat and vibrations can lead to your ignition coils breaking down over time. 

Some common signs of malfunctioning ignition coils include your car refusing to start and the engine management light coming on.

When ignition coils malfunction, they affect your car’s spark plugs as well. Malfunctioning spark plugs may lead to your engine getting too much or too little fuel and increase the risk of damage to your catalytic converters.

6) Corroded Battery Cables

Having corrosion on battery cables can interfere with the electric current and cause concerning car electrical issues. For example, difficulty starting your vehicle, erratic electrical performance or a flat battery. 

More often than not, the corrosion of battery cables is caused by a leak in battery acid that erodes its surrounding components. If your car’s battery cables are corroded, you can clean them with some baking soda and water. This mixture neutralises the acid and removes the corrosion. 

However, if the corrosion is severe, you may need to replace the cables completely.

7) Wiring Issues

In a similar way to any electrical system, your car relies on wires to transmit electricity wherever it needs to go. That’s why anything that interrupts the electrical circuit may lead to wiring problems and other car electrical issues in your vehicle. 

Wiring problems may occur due to various reasons like rats chewing on wires, corrosion or wires coming loose over time. 

When you have a wiring issue, it can be extremely difficult to even find the problem. Moreover, once you identify the source of the issue, you still need to replace the broken or damaged wires. 

As such, when faced with wiring problems, it would be best to take your car for a full vehicle servicing and let the professionals work their magic. 

8) Engine Control Module Failure

car electrical repairs, mechanic working on car engine

The engine control module is a computer that controls your engine. Without it, your engine will not be able to start, making it an essential part of modern cars. 

While your engine control module ought to last for the lifespan of your car, this is not always the case and it may experience issues at times. Furthermore, there’s not a whole lot you can do to prevent it. 

If you are worried that your car may be experiencing engine control module failure, take your vehicle to a professional servicing garage like In Town Automotive. With our skilled and experienced technicians, we will be able to restore your car to top-tier shape!

Resolve All Your Car Electrical Issues and Contact In Town Automotive

A car is a complicated piece of machinery with a complex electrical system to match. As such, there are many car electrical issues that could occur at any time. 

If you are experiencing any car trouble or would like to have your car serviced at a professional garage, we are here for you. 

At In Town Automotive, we provide you with the ultimate car servicing and maintenance experience. As an award-winning garage in Northampton, we are experts in the repairing of brakes, air-con servicing, exhausts, clutches, tyres and so much more!

With our many years of experience, we take care of your vehicle and take every measure to ensure that every future ride will be a smooth one. 

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