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Common Car Window Problems and Solutions

Car trouble never happens at a convenient time. This is especially true when it comes to car window problems. 

Whether you’re attempting to keep the rain or snow out of your vehicle or need to keep the air conditioning in, a car window that won’t go up is inconvenient and frustrating.

So, what should you do when your car window is stuck open? 

Well, the good news is that in many situations, you may be able to resolve the issue yourself. While there are some common car window problems that require professional attention, sometimes all it takes is a little DIY.

In this blog, we will explore four common car window problems and how to go about fixing them.

Let’s begin!

1) Ignition Switch Setting

This one comes with the easiest solution – simply try restarting your engine. Yes we know, it might seem painfully obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it works. If you’re facing car window problems, the first thing you ought to do is restart your car’s engine. Many cars are manufactured so that the windows and other accessories, like the radio, do not function unless the vehicle is running or the ignition is on. 

How To Fix 

A super easy window problem to fix, just turn the ignition switch on, as you normally would. This gives your car windows the power they need to be operated and adjusted. 

2) Blown Fuse

car window stuck open, hands examining car fuses

If you’re still experiencing car window problems, it might be a more complex issue. If all your windows are non-functional or more than one aren’t working, it is likely because of a blown fuse

Fortunately, the solution usually involves replacing the faulty fuse. While replacing a blown fuse can be a DIY job, we’d recommend contacting a professional service centre like In Town Automotive.

How To Fix 

To begin, you need to locate your fuse box. It is usually found under the bonnet or below the dashboard. Some vehicles may have more than one fuse box. If you need help finding it, you can always consult your owner’s manual for the location details. 

On the fuse box lid, there will be a diagram explaining the function of each fuse. Using this, identify the one that is responsible for the window circuit.

Once you’ve identified the window fuse, use long-nose pliers to remove it from the box. You can usually spot a blown fuse by its brown or black discolouration. Now, replace the defective fuse with one that has an identical amperage.

If your car windows are back to normal, then you’ve fixed the issue. However, if you find the fuse has blown again, there may be something else wrong with your vehicle’s electrical system. In this situation, it’s recommended to have your car serviced by experienced professionals to identify the true cause of the issue.

Contact our team of experts at In Town Automotive to conduct a full servicing of your vehicle!

3) Faulty Power Window Switch

Imagine how many times the power window switch is used during your car’s lifespan. To save you some time, it’s a lot. Although they’re built to be durable,  it’s not surprising if the switch were to malfunction at some point. 

An easy-to-spot sign of this particular problem is when your car window is stuck open and will go down, but not up. 

How To Fix

In newer models, this typically won’t work, but for older models, to identify this problem, turn on your headlights and engage the window switch. If the lights do not dim, then a bad switch is likely the cause. However, replacing a defective window switch requires quite a bit of technical expertise. As such, it would be best to handle this kind of repair at a service centre.

4) Defective Window Motor

troubleshooting car window problems, mechanic examining car door

If none of the above window problems are the culprit, this is the most likely cause of an issue with your window. With older models, similar to the above, you can check if your lights dim when activating your windows. If they dim, but the window doesn’t move, then it’s likely there’s no power reaching your window motor, or it’s defective. Again, for newer models, you’re best leaving the checks to the experts.  

How To Fix

Replacing a defective window motor involves opening up your car door and requires experience working on a car’s electrical system. For this reason, this task ought to be handled by an experienced mechanic at a professional service centre, like In Town Automotive.

To Fix Your Car Window Problems, Contact In Town Automotive

When experiencing car window problems, it’s best to think about all the possible causes. 

It may be something simple like the incorrect ignition switch setting. However, if you leave even small issues like a blown fuse unattended, it could quickly evolve into long-term car problems. 

As such, consider taking your car to a professional vehicle servicing centre at the first sign of any of the above car window problems. 

If you’re looking for experienced car mechanics to ensure your car is always in impeccable condition, In Town Automotive is here to provide you with the ultimate car servicing experience. 

As an award-winning Northampton garage, we specialise in fixing car windows, exhausts, clutches, brakes, electrical vehicle services and so much more!

At In Town Automotive, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and satisfying all your car needs. With the help of our skilled mechanics, you can trust that your car is in good hands.

To learn more about us, visit our services page or contact us to book an appointment today!

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