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5 Hidden Car Issues That Can’t Be Ignored

Many of us probably think we are very active in how we manage and look after our cars.

Similarly, you would probably imagine that you are alert to signs of emerging problems and can swiftly respond to them.

However, even the most proactive car owners can miss problems under the surface. For example, what may start as a car battery fault or suspension issue may become much more serious, without you necessarily noticing. 

These hidden car issues are often the ones with the biggest consequences, often developing into a problem that threatens your safety. So, how do we combat these issues and make sure our safety is not compromised? 

In this article, we’ve put together five common car issues that could arise in your vehicle at any time, so you are alert to general signs and symptoms.

Let’s check them out!

1) A Faulty Car Battery

Car battery issues are extremely common and a big cause for concern. In fact, battery-related car issues are known to have affected the majority of popular car models in the UK at some point or another. Due to the fundamental role of the battery in a car’s operation, this is not ideal, especially for those who travel long distances and are heavily reliant on their cars.

As a result of its hidden nature, you’re unlikely to realise there’s even a problem with your car battery until your car suddenly fails to start.

While it isn’t entirely obvious, there are times when you may observe signs demonstrating the impending death of your car battery. Typically, it’s your car’s electrical systems that show the first signs of a faulty battery. As such, it’s crucial to stay alert and not easily dismiss things like your car radio suddenly cutting off, or your headlight dimming randomly. 

By taking notice of these minor changes, you might be able to detect a faulty battery early on and have it repaired. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to get it checked – after all, this may prevent you from being stranded a few weeks later!

2) Noisy Brakes

car suspension issues, technician tightening bolt on break pad

Although it may sound ludicrous to some, many people ignore or dismiss brake-related car issues. Considering your brakes are so essential for stopping your vehicle, any noise you hear when you use them ought to be worth investigating.

Any screeching noise you hear is typically the brake pad indicator rubbing against the brake rotor. As soon as you first hear this screech, consider making an appointment with a professional car service garage, like In Town Automotive

If acted upon quickly, the issue can easily be resolved with a new set of brake pads and rotors. However, if ignored repeatedly, the brake pads will continue to make noise and wear down until the braking material is entirely diminished. Consequently, this may result in further damage to your vehicle along with a hefty repair bill.

3) Suspension Problems

In any car, the smooth operation of the suspension system is what ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience. However, car suspension issues do not often manifest in ways that can immediately be identified as the suspension failing. As such, this may cause you to think certain problems are caused by other aspects of your car.

For example, the circumstance wherein your car pulls to one side while driving. Typically, this can be attributed to one of three potential causes – the car’s tyres, its brakes or the shock absorbers.

To easily resolve the issue, our experts in car servicing and MOT in Northampton can help you rule out each of these problems. With our skilled professionals and their many years of experience in tracking and tyres, we will be able to check and ensure your tyres are correctly inflated and precisely aligned. 

If your car continues pulling to one side after examining the tyres, the suspension system is the next suspect to evaluate. Often, the shock absorbers, ball joints and control arms may show signs of wear and tear and need to be addressed. 

4) Chipped Windscreen Glass

common car issues, woman distressed on the phone besides car with cracked windscreen

What is initially a small chip in your windscreen can quickly turn into a spider-web-like crack and impede your vision. 

Your windscreen provides around 30% of your car’s structural strength. As such, any chips or cracks weaken it and could compromise your safety in an accident. 

Windscreens also hold a delicate camera called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that manages some of our major safety features. For example, blind-spot monitoring, auto-braking, etc. As a result, your windscreen needs to remain uncompromised.

5) A Malfunctioning Boot Latch Mechanism

Imagine that you’re driving down the road when suddenly, your boot pops open, without any warning. That’s quite a scary thought, isn’t it? 

One of the potential reasons that could cause this is someone driving into the back of your car, or you reversing into something. Even if the collision is a light one, your booth latch may sustain some damage that isn’t noticeable at first glance. 

As such, if the rear part of your car does end up getting hit, it’s best to have a professional take a look at it. Despite your vehicle still being in a perfectly drivable condition, an expert’s eye will pick up on any car issues you may have missed.

To Avoid Long Term Car Issues, Contact In Town Automotive

There are many hidden car issues that if left unattended to can quickly evolve into more damaging problems. As such, you should take your car to a professional garage for car servicing at the first sign of any of the above common car issues.

If you’re looking for expert and reliable car professionals to take care of your vehicle, In Town Automotive is here to provide you with a reliable car servicing experience.

As an award-winning garage in Northampton, we specialise in repairing brakes, clutches, exhausts, electrical vehicle services and so much more!

At In Town Automotive, we take our customers’ needs seriously. With the help of our experienced professionals, we will ensure your car stays in top-tier condition and that every ride is a safe one.

To learn more about us, visit our services page or contact us to book an appointment today!

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